The Story of Europe’s Economic Suicide

General Akashi Gidayu preparing to carry out seppuku after losing a battle for his master in 1582. Image Source

What the general public do not understand however, that there isn’t (and in fact there never was) a ‘choice’ for Europe in this matter. Once the continent has burned all its reserves of coal, oil and gas — contrary to modern beliefs in green wizardry — the only way left for it is a slow decline into poverty. The noble warrior has to embrace afterlife no matter what.

This is what economists of the better informed branch call: supply shock — a type of predicament immune to monetary wizardry, interest rate hikes and government spending. No nation on Earth can ‘un-burn’ its once rich reserves of fossil fuels — which now spend the best part of their days heating up the planet in the form of CO2 and methane. The damage has been done and the battle against depletion and climate change lost.



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