Today, I have turned forty. Surprised? Me too! I’m not nearly as fast as I was earlier, and it aches here and there already. This body will not last forever and eventually put an end to an idiosyncratic brain activity when it eventualy stops working. Half (or more?) of my life has already passed, along with my youth: today I officially turned into a middle aged man. I will consider it a great success (and luck!) if I’m still alive in 2050 — I want to see how the end of this civilization might unfold (or not). I’m sure though that human life will continue without me — despite the long descent of this civilization and global warming well into the 22nd century.

This doesn’t matter though. As the Buddhist say: we are just droplets in a waterfall, and our falling is our life. It feels scary to be so separated from other droplets, and even more fearsome to know that we will hit the bottom inevitably, but this is all an illusion. We were never truly separated and thus never truly die: particles — now part of our bodies — will return to the great pond to form another living being, while our thoughts will continue to live within, and have an impact on, the minds of others. That’s all to it: we are mere parts of a larger river of consciousness unconscious of itself; spirits having a human experience — seeing their on reflections in the pond towards which they are falling.

It would be egoistic to search for a meaning or purpose in this, like we were individually important. We are not. We are part of a greater story — greater than any of us. Let’s find joy in what we do, and give thanks for all we have — enjoying this brief period of our timeless existence as conscious human beings.

Have a drink on me and cheers to all of us!


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