• Dave Wesely

    Dave Wesely

    Farm raised, Photographer, Computer tech, ENTP. Trying to see the big picture in what our future holds.

  • Golden Goose

    Golden Goose

    Get rich slow

  • Vikas Nandwana

    Vikas Nandwana

    Dr. Vikas Nandwana is an inventor of OHM Sponge and co-founder and CTO of MFNS Tech

  • Russell Salsbury

    Russell Salsbury

    Top writer | Harvard Economics BA | Software Developer | Future | Politics | Forment Revolutions | I will not go quietly.

  • Arun Digibaap

    Arun Digibaap

    GAS TURBINE CONTROL SYSTEMS OEM PRODUCT SUPPLIERS https://www.worldofcontrols.com/

  • Eldho Kuriakose

    Eldho Kuriakose

    Nothing can be added or taken away from you, only uncovered.

  • David L. Babcock

    David L. Babcock

  • Kristina Jurecic

    Kristina Jurecic

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