All Will Be Fine!

Economic collapse simply cannot happen to Europe

As the fundamentals supporting prosperity and growth (cheap energy, plentiful resources and social cohesion) slowly wither away, they will leave us with nothing less than a long and bumpy descent back into a preindustrial era — bottoming out in a ‘dark age’. An age, out of which new, but materially much less affluent societies have a chance to arise.

For me, what we in Europe experience at the moment is a swift and painful step in this direction. Not the end of the world, but certainly a big leap towards a radically simplified future, with an ever smaller elite tightening its grip on society getting poorer and poorer (1). For others, including my friends, hyper-normalization is a shared reality.

“…Their denial is based on the assumption that if the disaster has not occurred until now, it will never occur.”

As an engineer working in the same industry overseeing the sourcing of parts for hybrid-electric vehicles I knew for at last year already that there is a shit-storm coming. I remember, when I told this to my boss back then, he replied that resource prices are not our biggest problem (it was the chip shortage). Now they are. In the meantime that storm has just been upgraded to a category 5 feaces-hurricane headed straight towards the shores of Europe. With an enormous dose of luck it might miss the continent, but judging on its current trajectory things are not looking good.



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